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MTI Drones is a Authorized DJI Enterprise Dealer and Certified DJI Repair Center.

Mechanical Testing, Inc. (MTI) was founded in 1967. Originally a Test and Balance firm serving the Construction Industry, the company has now branched out to provide a diverse field of services.  One of those services is now the Distribution of DJI UAV’s.

DJI is the world leader in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturing and applications. Mechanical Testing, Inc also uses DJI products when we provide drone services like Surveys, Investigation and Inspections, Job Safety and Pre-task Hazard Planning, Building Envelope Testing, Facade Inspections, as well as many other services that use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

MTI uses FLIR XT2 Thermal Cameras, as well as, 30 times zoom cameras for information gathering when you employ us on your work sites.  Our results are reliable and worthwhile to the owner right on thru the construction or maintenance team. MTI will provide you with 4k video and images so that you can see in real time the results of the data gathering.

Allow Mechanical Testing, Inc. to get you the data needed to get the results you want for your next project!  Proudly serving Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, New York State and throughout the United States!

Reach out to us at sales@mtidrones.com

Staff info

Eileen Venn - CEO and President

Eileen is a graduate of SUNY Albany with a BS in Business.  She has a strong skill set in managing, product, inventory, sales and distribution of items from her background in beer distribution.  Since becoming the owner of MTI, Eileen has brought the company to the front of the industry by bringing the company into the digital age.  Prior to Eileen MTI did about $1.2 million in sales annually and now with the changes Eileen has made has more than doubled the annual sales of the company.  Eileen instituted a paperless reporting system that allows MTI to turn a job report around for our customers in as little as 24 hours, something that previously took weeks to deliver. She knows that in order to grow and remain competitive technology and adjusting to the needs of our changing ecosystem are necessary to grow and develop. In a short decade the company has flourished under Eileen’s watchful eye, with great things to come on the horizon! eileenv@mechtest.com is Eileen’s direct email is you want to get in touch with her.

Brian Venn - Vice President

Brian has worked at Mechanical Testing since 1998.  Brian has been certified as a Test and Balance Engineer by AABC since 2008 and is a Certified Commissioning Authority thru ACG.  Customer Service is the gold standard that has given Mechanical Testing its great reputation and Brian is in charge of all customer concerns. Making sure the owner is satisfied with their new UAV Department is Brian’s chief goal. If you have questions about an upcoming project email Brian at brianv@mechtest.com

Joseph Scaperrotta - UAV Operations Manager

Joseph is a Certified Part 107 Pilot, DJI Enterprise repair technician and thermographer. He is an experienced UAV Pilot and has flown in a number of applications, with experience in the construction, public safety, energy and network security industry.  Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Informatics, Concentrated in Cyber Security from the University at Albany. Skilled in Project Management, Computer Repair, Front End Development, Sales and Databases.  Joseph is your main point of contact for all UAV application questions and solutions. Reach me at Joseph@mechtest.com.

Bryce Mcguire - Project Manager

Bryce came to us with a strong customer service background. Her strong sense of organization with an eye for detail helps keep MTI projects and sales in the right direction. She ensures project details are handled from beginning to end and the customer gets what they want.


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